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How do I enter a booking?

Go to Calendar View

Select Date of proposed event. Click on the Date which will open Day View

In Day View select the Room you wish to book the event into and click on the start time of the event. This will open the Event Booking Page

Complete all fields in the event booking page.

  • Event Title
  • Description(select from drop down list)
  • Customer ID (if a customer is already in the system, you can search here for the customer number to self populate the fields)
  • If the customer is a new Customer complete the Name, Company, Address, Suburb, City, State, ZIP, Telephone, Mobile, Fax, Email fields and the details will be added automatically to the customer database for future reference.

Complete the Session Setup Fields

  • Type (Private are  in house events / Public Events are ones that the general public can attend and shown on a public events calendar / Other are private events like internal management meetings etc)
  • Area (is preselected but can be changed)
  • PAX (number of people attending the event – this effects catering package total prices)
  • Start Date (preselected but can be changed)
  • Start Time (preselected but can be changed)
  • End Time (must be different from start time)
  • End Day (for conference bookings
  • Charge (select the room hire charge which is applicable – this can be customised in the Admin/Rooms area)
  • Rate (select normal or discount – this can be set in the Admin/Rooms/Charges area)
  • Status (Confirmed/Tentative or Not Active)
  • Setup (drop down list which can be customised in the Admin/Settings area
  • Repeat (check this box if this booking will be repeated in the future – ie it is for a booking which will be weekly/monthly
  • Repeat Options (Date to be repeated until and then what parameters it should be repeated until)
  • Expand Hours (will block out the whole day so that the room is left in its current setup for the day).

Click Continue

Then Confirm the booking or Go Back to amend details

After confirmation you are taken back to the Day view screen with your booking in place.

  • Confirmed bookings will show in a solid colour
  • Tentative Bookings will show in a outlined colour
  • Not Active Bookings will not show but can be made active from the Home Page (Inactive Events)