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Function Tracker for Caterers provides all of the features that you have come to expect from much more expensive programs, with the added benefits of an online system including 24/7 access.

Our simple and intuative interface and logical catering management pages, make booking and managing your business a breeze, for even the most inexperienced computer user.


Function Tracker for Caterers has been designed to be a simple and easy to use tool for any venue that takes event or function bookings.

Unlike other systems, it is simple to set up and you can be using the system today... Your unique website is set up instantaneously when you sign up and you can be managing your event business straight away.


Features Function Tracker
for Caterers
Function Tracker
Manage bookings in your event space   Y
Manage bookings by event type (caterers) Y  
View event details Y Y
View monthly, weekly or daily events Y Y
View & print calendar in daily, weekly, monthly or agenda view Y Y
Manage food and beverage requirements Y Y
Manage contractors & staff Y Y
Adjust pricing with self calculated discounts & additions Y Y
Manage pricing with automated calculators Y Y
Make mutiple bookings at the same time Y Y
Receive online enquiries Y Y
Add reminders for yourself, your colleagues or your customer Y Y
Add and Manage Events    
Add an event Y Y
Manage a booking with multiple sessions   Y
Add food & beverage selections Y Y
Calculate costs per person or per item Y Y
Copy/repeat a booking over multiple dates Y Y
Adjust - add or delete - any costs/items at any time Y Y
Change event details Y Y
Generate invoices Y Y
Organise event orders & running times Y Y
Track outstanding payments Y Y
Alerts for booking conflicts Y Y
Event Registration and Ticketing    
Easy to set up and manage   Y
Take registrations for free events   Y
Sell tickets for an event   Y
Take payments via invoice or Paypal   Y
Customised forms   Y
Create attendence lists   Y
Sell tickets to multiple sesions   Y
Multiple ticket prices per event   Y
Creation of a webpage for ticket sales/registration   Y
Promote your event on your website   Y
Quotes, Contracts & Running Sheets    
Create quotes Y Y
Create contracts Y Y
Create run sheets Y Y
Create kitchen sheets Y Y
Create event running orders Y Y
Use our templates or create your own Y Y
Print, PDF or email directly from the software Y Y
Manage Staff    
Manage staff costs for each event Y Y
View staff calendar Y Y
Track customer contact details and event history Y Y
Add notes to customer details Y Y
Event file notes automatically save to customer area Y Y
Assign a customer to a sales manager Y Y
Easy search capabilities by customer name or event name Y Y
Manage Menus    
Create individual menus Y Y
Create packages Y Y
Add cost and customer pricing Y Y
Create menu items on the fly Y Y
Itemise menus for equipment, logistics Y Y
Create custom menus for any other additional requirements Y Y
Online Shop Y  
Manage Rooms/Venue    
Create rooms and sub rooms   Y
Manage room hire types and charges   Y
Create room hire charges on the fly   Y
Manage rooms within multiple locations   Y
Assign users to view certain locations   Y
Produce Reports    
General reports Y Y
Logistics reports Y Y
View customised reports (by date/status) Y Y
Produce booked by report Y Y
Source of business report Y Y
Invoice reports Y Y
Payment reports Y Y
Produce Run Sheets and Kitchen Sheets in a date range Y Y
Self Administration    
Set up every part of the process in the admin panel Y Y
Create and manage event types Y Y
Create and manage event statuses Y Y
Choose 12 hour or 24 hour time Y Y
Choose your opening hours Y Y
Self administer user management including secure logins Y Y
Set menu expiry dates Y Y
Block dates in the calendar Y Y
Alerts bar for important information and updates from Tracker Group Y Y
Create mailing & marketing lists Y Y
Click and drag options on the calendar Y Y
Unlimited users Y Y
Dropbox Y Y
Mailchimp Y Y
Check availability of equipment and decorations when creating an event Y Y
Run inventory report for date range Y Y